Accelerating the Adoption

of Electric Mobility

We take the cost of battery out of the vehicle, bringing down the cost of adoption of electric mobility and give the world the swap it needs.


Battery Swap Station

Fast. Smart. Secure.
Easy to use and easy to setup.

Advanced algorithms to offer the most affordable prices.

2 minutes
to swap & replenish range

Unlimited Battery Warranty

No hassle of expensive battery replacement.

Latest Battery Tech, Always!

With Over-The-Air updates & constant development, always have the best batteries.

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Data Management

All the data collected from our vehicles is used to predict swapping patterns, vary charging modes as per the demand to keep the load on the grid low and the batteries ready to swap. 

Station Locations

Route patterns of vehicles are analyzed to position our swap stations at strategic locations to ensure that the drivers are always close to a swap station.

Battery Pack

RACEnergy Swappable Battery Pack

Weighing less than 10 kg, our batteries are one of the lightest swappable energy systems in the world.

Built for Indian Roads
Our batteries are designed to handle extreme vibrations, temperatures and shocks while being waterproof.

Rugged Connectors
Our proprietary swappable connectors provide a hassle free swapping experience.

RACEnergy's Battery Swapping Station Nimbus

Partner with us

Accelerate your electric vehicle plans using our swappable batteries and powertrains. Bringing your vehicles on our swapping platform ensures that the cost of the vehicle is much cheaper than the equivalent ICE variant.

We are ideal for fleet operators as all our products come with tracking, safety and security features as standard.


We are looking for brightest people who can help us build a sustainable future and work on cutting edge tech. You can write to hello@racenergy.in or you can apply here.