Accelerating the adoption of electric mobility

We build electric vehicles and supporting infrastructure that are affordable, convenient, safe and connected with great performance.

What do we do?

We build electric powertrains that are cheaper to operate, provide more power and torque and hence faster!

We also build swapping stations that help drivers replenish their range in under 2 minutes

Partner with us

Accelerate your electric vehicle development by using our powertrains. Our products have been designed by keeping the end customer in mind. With our swapping solution the user doesn't have to face the inconvenience of charging. Our powertrains are not just cheaper to operate but also faster and more powerful than traditional ICE powertrains.


We are ideal for fleet operators as all our powertrains come with tracking, safety and security features as standard.



We are looking for brightest people who can help us build a sustainable future and work on cutting edge tech. You can write to or you can apply here.


Meet the team

Arun Sreyas


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Gautham M


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