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Smart is an understatement.

Real time remote monitoring of battery parameters, parallel
discharge technology, optimal thermal management, wireless
connectivity and a host of other capabilities - all in a single device.

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Energy dense, Lightweight & Ergonomic.

One of the lightest battery packs in the world,
that not only runs long but also is easy for
you to handle.

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It's truly swappable

No clumsy battery insertion.
No fiddling with wires.
No scrambling for plugs.

Just slide it, shut it, forget it.

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Built for tough conditions.

Bumpy roads? Hot day? Rainy evening? Dusty terrain? Crowded streets? We have you covered.
IP66 rated, the M1 battery pack is built for the
power user in you.

PCB traces_edited_edited.png

Certified safe.

The RACE M1 battery pack is AIS 156 certified -
on par with the most stringent safety certifications for battery packs globally. Tests include fire tests, thermal shock tests, mechanical shock tests etc.

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