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Electric mobility is here to stay

We are a technology first company that recognises this and has built an entire ecosystem of hardware and software products to not just make adoption of electric mobility fast and affordable but also to stay relevant in the long run.

The RxEV300 electric propulsion kit has delighted each customer more than any other electric 3-wheeler option they have tried their hands on. It has set a benchmark for not only other electric 3-wheelers, but also it’s more conventional counterparts. The success of our solution in this space shows us a future of tremendous growth.

To meet this market’s growing demand, we scale up operations by making strategic alliances with partners that share our vision for electric mobility. As we expand our footprint from the southeast corner of Asia, we look forward to working with strong business leaders across the world who align with our goals and are keen on investing in our shared future.

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Why partner with us?

Lead the transformation

Be the first in your network to setup a battery swapping ecosystem, and advance the adoption of electric mobility faster than anyone else.

Expand your brand

With our easy-to-setup solutions, and our network of corporate partners, you can expand your brand presence superfast and super-wide.

Own the new age asset

Batteries are the new fuel, powering mobility across the world. Take ownership in one of the most technologically advanced assets of today.

Generate Cashflows

Even in a pandemic stricken world, mobility does not stop. Neither will your cashflows. Making money on battery swaps has never been easier.

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Our existing partners

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