Product Development

Jan 2019 - Dec 2019 

Developing, testing and certifying our conversion kit, batteries and battery swapping station

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Pilot Run

Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

6 months of pilot runs for understanding the traffic and driving patterns, optimizing the charging algorithms and improving the business model

Pilot run and Product soft launch area

- 10,000 three-wheelers operate here

- Area: 150 (57 sq.mi.)

- Point to point travel

- Diesel autos run the most

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Infrastructure costs: $81,000

Vehicles on road: 30

Product Launch

Jun 2020 - Dec 2020 

Soft launch, limited to 300 vehicles and setup in the same area as of pilot run to limit infrastructure costs. Up to this point batteries will be completely owned by us. Work out infrastructure partnerships with institutions 

Infrastructure costs: $800,000

Vehicles on road: 300

City Wide Expansion

Jan 2021 onwards

Proven business model will fuel partnerships with HNIs and institutions to increase our battery pool and to setup swapping stations across the city for a rapid growth

Target vehicles (Aug '21): 5,000

Market Share: 5% of Hyderabad 

Why soft launch?

The lack of availability of CNG in many cities meant that the drivers completely abandoned CNG autos even though CNG started becoming available in plenty. We want to perfect our product and our model before we launch it to everyone.

Nation-wide Expansion

Aug 2021 onwards

Expansion into cities running on LPG or diesel such as Bangalore and Chennai. Expansion into 1 million-plus cities around Hyderabad

Target vehicles (Aug '22): 20,000 

Thank you for having huge expectations from us!

To infinity and beyond!